Chance: Winston, I'm sorry for getting you into this mess. I'm sorry for whatever torture you had to endure because of me. Most of all, I'm sorry about Aunt Suzy.
Winston: Aunt Suzy? No man, not Aunt Suzy (then he shoots Winston).

Ilsa: You know, I thought you'd be different.
Chance: Taller?
Ilsa: No.
Chance: Younger?
Ilsa: No, braver.

Chance: Nice dress, it's going to make targeting you a breeze.
Ilsa: Just trying to make your job easier.

Winston: Sorry Mrs. Pucci, normally we are a lot more professional than this.
Chance: No we're not.

Ilsa: There are a lot of smarter ways to earn a dollar.
Chance: I'm not very bright.
Ilsa: You are brave. You must have a lot to be redeemed for.
Chance: I do.

No more hiding, I'm not going anywhere.

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