Chance: I've told you before I don't like Christmas. Never have, never will, even though you are some kind of Rolly Polly Santa in training.
Winston: Did you just call me Rolly Polly?
Chance: Did you just hire this guy to deliver Christmas stuff?

Ilsa: Oh, and Happy Christmas Mr. Chance.
Chance: Oh, merry, we say Merry Christmas.
Ilsa: I know, it just sounds a bit silly.

I've been shot at, I've been thrown out of an airplane, been generally mistreated by a lot of bad people, this bickering is pretty much more that I can take. I am going outside to get some fresh air, when I get back you two better be calmed down or we're breaking out the ball gags.


But if you ask me, in this life you get pushed around just as long as you don't push back.


The mall at Christmas, what a zoo!


Winston: Believe this jackass?
Chance: That's our client.

Gentlemen your paychecks, you'll note at the bottom my signature. Try to get it closer next time.


Ames: Ilsa Pucci's running from the law?
Chance: So are we.

John Doe: The odds of me being good are getting bad aren't they?
Ames: J.D., I don't care what you did, now this is a sign. You, me, a van full of cash, the open road.
Winston: Hey, do you want to roll your tongue back in your head and step away from the van.

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