Chance: Do you remember what you said when we first started all this?
Winston: I told you, you weren't as stuck as you thought. I told you that there was another way.
Chance: How did you know I would go for it?
Winston: I didn't.
Chance: Huh...

Chance: You're not as stuck as you think you are. There is another way.
Flight Attendant: How would you know?
Chance: As I said earlier I used to hate my job too.

Flight Attendant: The fires below us.
Chance: Not for long, we are going to flip the plane!
Flight Attendant: I'm sorry, you want to do what with the plane?

Chance: Winston, I got him.
Winston: I was worried there for a minute.
Chance: Rest easy, I promise no more surprises at least until we land.

Chance: If we don't put that fire out before it reaches the relay we could have problems.
Flight Attendant: What kind of problems?
Chance: The crashing kind.

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