I definitely think Pauly and Deena are gonna smush, it just really comes down to timing.


I've [never] met a girl in my life that can just hook up and have no feelings. They always end up having feelings.

Pauly D

If I do sex with him, it is what it is.


(to Pauly) Please f@$# Deena!


We ended up making out. It was fine, she's a good kisser im a good kisser.

Pauly D

In the words of Pauly D, this is the best day of my life.


Deena: My game plan is: flirt with Pauly, make out with him a couple of times, then who knows, maybe his Italian sausage will be in my *#$%.

I am the pimp daddy mac of this whole place.


I don't know if Sam knows about this other chick, but if I tell her, she will flip out.

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