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You think there's a hit man guild?

Mr. Duke

Boyd: What brings you to my house?
Raylan: Oh, this is your house now?
Boyd: Why, yes, prison is my home.

You know what they say about back woods cabins in Harlan, they're like a*******, sawed off shotguns and pick-up trucks.


I tell you to do one simple thing - refrain from screwing the witness in your own shooting - and you can't even do that!

Chief Mullen

Chief Mullen: Just what part of under investigation confuses you?
Raylan: So many things confuse me, Art.

I know you speak English, it's one of your proudest achievements.


Mosley: Old pick up trucks in Harlan are just like a******s.
Ava: Everybody's got one.

I'm going to have to get a new bed. Unless I want to keep this one as a conversation piece.

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