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Ava: Why did you agree to rob that mine in the first place?
Boyd: Because it's what I do. It's who I am Ava. As hard as I've been trying to pretend otherwise. Everybody else seems to know that but me.

Boyd: Part of me felt like just laying down, letting it happen.
Ava: But you killed them instead?

Ava: Damn it Boyd. What the hell you gone made me a part of?
Boyd: Just saving my life.

Shelby: What would have happened if they had checked that bag?
Boyd: We'd be dead Shelby.

You will not die down in that hole, Kyle. You have my word on that.


You wanna make a living in this business, you gotta know your ABCs. Always Be Cool.


Tom Bergen: Art I've been in Harlan 18 years. People still look at me like I'm some kinda yankee come down to burn their crops. But this guy...
Raylan: I know my people.
Art: You're like the hillbilly whisperer. We oughta put you on Oprah.

Coover: Ma ain't never left me in charge...Dickie neither. Here you sit?
Loretta: Well it ain't as glamorous as it looks.

Sweet on? Is that why he tied up the 14 year old girl and tied her to the trunk of his car?

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