Heather: There's only one problem with that.
Benson: What's that?
Heather: I'm supposed to go on Anderson Cooper and Rachael Maddow tonight

Did she just say six men rapped her? I thought it was four?


Carisi: There's not car-jacking advocate.
Rollins: When's the last time a car-jacking victim was asked "are you sure you didn't want your car to get stolen?"

At some point I just went numb.


Lucia: She said she wanted to die in her own home.
Barba: And she did.

Benson: You are a good grandson.
Barba: No I'm not. I'm overcompensating.

Counselor: Charmaine: I wanted to have his child.
Charmaine: No. Because I loved my husband! I never met another man like Walter Briggs!

Amaro: He wasn't exactly a great person.
Carisi: He was a great writer Nick -- the work deserves respect.

It pains me to say this, but you're right Carisi. She killed him.


Rectal-probe electro-ejaculation. That sounds like a sex crime in and of itself.


I humor her.


Carisi: Am I right counselor?
Barba: Seldom.

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