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No! I would've remembered someone like that. I've never seen him before in my life.


He counted each time he stabbed her.


"He's a fighter, he's gonna be okay."


And it's not fair. Why do these girls only go out with jerks? While I, despite having so much to offer, am alone?


"He wanted us to take turns on him while he held our heads under water."

Tensley Evans

"She said, 'my next bottom isn't on this Earth,' and that kind of got through to me."

Tensley Evans

"Our agenda? You put her on the pill at 13."

Detective Rollins

"Who knows what that mother of her's fed her."

Adam Brubeck

"This girl doesn't even know she was victimized."

Sergeant Benson

"My mom was right."

Tensley Evans

"Mom said it would be good for my career if I went."

Tensley Evans

"She understands the charges, she just disagrees with the law."

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