We need to be sure on every single detail here.


Mother: I heard a man's voice.
Fin: Did you recognize the voice?
Mother: I think it was Shawn.

Deep down, you know the truth. Ana's not evil. She's not a killer. She is a rape victim.


Armid: Ana's a terrorist and a tramp. You really think anyone cares about her?
Olivia: I do.

Olivia: With all due respect, I can't not do this. I'm just trying to do my job.
Dodds: With all due respect, you doing your job cost my son his life.

Ana has to go down hard. Right or wrong, no matter how tragic her story is, that's just how it is.


Olivia: Rita. You're defending terrorists now.
Rita: Suspected terrorists. Everyone has the same rights.

Fin: Get your hands up.
Ana: Help me. Please!

We're not investigating something that already happened. We're investigating something that is about to happen.


Who are these people? They terrorists?

Chief Dodds

No, I want to talk to this guy myself and ask him why a loaded Glock was in the backpack of a four-year-old.


Guy: There's always something with these people.
Fin: These people?
Guy: Immigrants.
Fin: And your people came over on the Mayflower?