Does this "culture" have a name?


C'mon, Pops. No beer? It's un-American.


Patrick: Quote me: The fight is on and Reynolds is going down.

Cooking's not a contact sport. I'll be fine.


We're not in high school anymore, Pat. You don't get to vent my boyfriends.


Barry: Mustafa: 30 and 1, 28 K.O.s, Ukrainian, Muslim, fighting "Death Row" Reynolds, Defender of America's freedom.
Richard: That don't even make sense, Barry. If the man is Ukrainian, he's going after Russians, not Americans.
Barry: Don't let facts get in the way of the story, champ. Wrap a towel around his head; you've got a religious war.

Death Row, you are a warrior. Everyone knows that.


Johnny: You don't get it, Theresa.
Theresa: Enlighten me.
Johnny: No, never mind. It's a family thing.
Theresa: Excuse me?
Johnny: I didn't mean it in the bad way.

You want to see how a real working boxer lives? How much that championship I took off you has been worth to me? 11,300 square feet, partner. Look around.

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