Ed: Most trainers, they don't allow their fighters to fool around before a fight, but I think a relaxed fighter is an effective fighter. Don't you agree?
Patrick: Uh, yeah.
Ed: So in terms of the old marital bed, you just keep doing what you're doing. Follow your bliss.
Patrick: Right now?
Ed: Drink your tea first.

Theresa: I feel like she just wants to meet some rich guy and get married.
Patrick: Is that so bad, if she's happy?
Theresa: Yes, it is. She should aspire to more. She used to want to be a doctor, remember?
Patrick: She also wanted to be a racecar driver and a Muppet.

Damn, Lights. Your girls are tough.


And they call me a diva.


I don't think you're capable of fighting at this level anymore. Now, I know it hurts to hear that, but it's going to hurt a hell of a lot worse in the ring.


No fear. Eye on the prize.


I just like to punch people.


When mom? When will it be a good time? I'm not a baby anymore.


A century from now you think people are gonna be talking about Barry K. Word? They're going to be talking about us. Louis/Schmeling, Frazier/Ali, Reynolds/Leary. Barry Word's a footnote. We make history.

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