You don't quit. You don't quit, Lights.


Who won?

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Richard: Champions, true champions, got a responsibility to the kids who look up to us: to be the best we can be, to lead by example. Patrick Leary may look the part, but he ain't no role model.

I've been married to a boxer for 18 years. I've seen a lot of fighters. Your husband is one of the best. But so is Patrick. I said a prayer for both of them today. You should too.


Nobody takes Patrick down in one round. Not even with a bat.


The dude's been playing Mr. Mom for the past 5 years. He thinks he's going to river dance back into my world? Take my belt? No. He's going down. He's going down hard.


Just be patient, son. And get ready for war.


Patrick: She's our mother.
Johnny: Then how come she's never done anything in her whole life that wasn't for her?

Do me a favor. Stop calling me "son." We're not family.

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