Bo: Whoever you are, I know you. I love you.
Lauren: And, I loved you.

The Fae have ruined my life, Bo. They have cursed my girlfriend, they have held me prisoner, sometimes literally, and all the while my brain, my talents ... Don't you see? This is a chance for me to do something meaningful to save my kind.


Bo: I'm here to get Dyson and no mad scientist can stop me.
Lauren: How about a sane one?

I have some very specific questions about the succuslut's lineage.

The Morrigan

Take it easy Meryl Streep.


Now let me check my very packed social calendar ... umm, nope, not scheduled to take any more of your guff.


Bo: Well, they'll be out of luck, I don't wear underwear.
Tamsin: Good to know.

I knew I was a goner, I didn't think I was going to wake up in slut heaven.


A shit storm of Fae proportions.


Uh, bad guy. Like Voldemort bad.


I swear, Tamsin, I'll kill you if you don't wake up.


We're going to do great things together. You and I. I never lied about that.


Lost Girl Quotes

You are full of surprises, and most of them are downright horrible. But sometimes, every once in a while, they are just what everybody needs.


There's always time for an impulse buy.