Ethan: What's a siren?
Kenzi: A douche bag who wears stupid hats.

I fought the Garuda. I think I can handle one 10-year old.


Like Fae-mnesia?


Kenzi: You're a big girl. Just rip the Band-Aid off. Seek closure, Grasshopper.
Bo: You are so wise.

You bitches are witches. And, you can count me in.


It's true what they say about power. It doesn't change them, it reveals them.


Book Club Lady: If it's getting hard something's wrong.
Kenzi: I always say the opposite. If it's getting soft ... am I right?

Maybe taking the suburbs by storm is just what the doctor ordered.


If you're looking for a distraction, I'm partial to bar fights and howlin' at the moon.


This is just a break, right?


Bo: Tell me the truth. Was it hard dating me?
Dyson: It was harder losing you.

Bo: I am still in love with Lauren.
Dyson: Alright.