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Once you've seen Oz, who wants to go back to Kansas?


Libby: When do you stop feeling like you've got something to prove?
Bill: There's always something to prove.

The world isn't kind to mavericks Bill, you want to lead an unconventional life, you gotta learn to hide in plain sight.

Barton Scully

I don't believe in shadows. I believe in the light of scientific inquiry.

Beav Saint Marie!


I'm sorry about last night, I was punishing someone and it ended up being you.


A backdoor man? I'm not surprised.


The study of sex is the beginning of all life. Yet we sit like prudish cavemen in the dark riddled with shame and guilt.


Dr. Haas is not the best fertility doctor in the Midwest. I am. Shouldn't my wife have the very best?

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