I feel like we're on two trains going in totally opposite directions. It's bigger than Auggie or Kendra.


Lauren: What are you doing?
Ella: I was gonna ask you the same thing, Pretty Woman.

You'll say and do anything to get what you want. You're nothing but a pathetic whore.

David [to Sydney]

No more putting that crap up your nose. Otherwise, your gonna have a powder lunch with River Phoenix.


We drove past three comic book stores and you didn't even joke about wanting to stop. I know when something's up.


That's like cooking plagiarism. You can't let him get away with that.


Gossip may be my bread and butter at work. But, off duty, I can actually keep a secret.


The Jonah Miller Story starts out a little slow, but has a few twists.


Lauren: My dad sent me that money for school.
Ella: Who's your dad? Tony Soprano?

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