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Well do you like this suit? I wouldn't know because all you said was that it was tight and not in a cool, black way.


I'm gonna go over there and be as socially magnetic as I always am, we will put this on the back burner, but underneath know I am fuming.


Claire: It's a little tight.
Phil: Well the salesman said it was the style and he looked like a Mumford and Son so I think he would know.

Manny: Wow that was very mature of you.
Jay: Yeah well I'm a lot older now than when she started getting dressed.

You're hair looks amazing, like you just got off a horse.


I remember something nice you did. You bought me this dress yesterday when you were working.


Okay one of us has to change. We look like twin toddlers at church.


Manny: She's having her hair blown out.
Jay: That's a thing? That I pay for?

Doesn't the wine make the cow drunk?

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