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Number 2 or lower is not an option.


Juliette: It turns out he's a pretty good dude.
Rayna: Yeah he is.
Juliette: Well hold on to him, because they are few and far between.

I told you I was never gonna forgive you for not telling me about her 14 years ago and I'm not. Because that would mean you did something wrong. You didn't. You were just protecting our little girl. I finally get that.


Sweetie, I want you to listen to me a second. Your mom, she deserved better than me back then. So did you. From what I remember, I wasn't around that much anyway.


Maddie: Is that why you never got married?
Deacon: The answer to that is more complicated than that math that you're doin'.

I just wanna get back to normal, whatever that is.


I love you, I'm all in babe.

Rayna [to Luke]

I was trying so hard to help Scarlett that I didn't stop and think how it might look to you.

Avery [to Juliette]

Gunnar: I saw her and Jeff Fordham sneak out of the screening at the BMI party last night.
Zoey: So they watched a movie?
Gunnar: Yeah only it was NC-17 and they were both starring in it!

Scarlett O'Connor has more talent than most of us dream about. She's the one who pulled the good music out of me. I owe her everything. You just called her a looney. You could take your deal and you can go shove it.


It must be hard to stay at the top after losing Juliette Barnes and Rayna James.

Gunnar [to Jeff]

You're an angry, narcissistic, manic mess! That's your fault!

Deacon [to Beverly]
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Nashville Quotes

Deacon: Rayna took her knocks.
Juliette: What? In a mansion in Belle Meade?

If I'd known they were that good, I might not have asked them to join the stage with me.

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