It's not too late to change your mind, you can always go back.


I say this with love, but court-mandated community service does not exactly drive your point home.


Who knew an Oscar nomination would be such a pain in the ass?


I don't even know what life looks like without Maddie in it.


I hope you didn't sleep with Layla to keep yourself from being with Juliette.


Juliette: She is trying to steal my life!
Emily: Why would she do that?

Maddie, I'm your mother. I love you. Please don't push me away.


Cash: Ask yourself this: how badly do you want your freedom?

Rayna: Your sister wants to live independently.
Daphne: Does that mean she's divorcing us?

He'd rather drive nine hours on a bus than fly one hour with me?


Am I a horrible person for hoping that Juliette would just be a little wobbly on her first day back?


Oh, it's easy to get 20,000 people to love you.


Nashville Quotes

I have pretended for months that we still have a marriage!


You know what sucks about guys that date girls like us? We get to write songs about them.

Cash (to Maddie)