Daphne: Where's Maddie?
Rayna: Honey, we're not quite sure where she is.
Daphne: Did she run away?

I can't believe this. You, me, Luke, Riff, it's gonna be the best night.


It's great to have the team back, huh?


I'm relaunching my tour in less than 24 hours with his name on the ticket and you're telling me he just up and disappeared?


I had breakfast with Layla this morning. If I can get along with my ex-wife, I can get along with Kevin.


When have I ever pissed anyone off? Lately!


What is the point of writing any if no one will ever hear them out of this room?


I miss... not the movie or anything. Being on stage, and performing, and recording.

Not everything's about you, Deacon.


I know, I wanted to call. I just was afraid that you wouldn't answer.


I need to focus on getting back into my regular life.


Doctor: How do you feel?
Juliette: Sad to see her go. But other than that, good. Different.

Nashville Quotes

Sean: I just think we should talk about it. That's what normal married people do.
Juliette: Talk about arena tours and football careers.

Elton John? I love Elton John.