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I know you've got everyone around here fooled but I've known you for 20 years and I know for a fact that you always cares more about what the world thinks of you rather than the actual people involved.

Beverly [to Rayna]

I told you she couldn't handle this, I told you it would crush her.


You think I wanted it like this? I wanted to be your wife. I wanted us to raise her up together in a wonderful loving home that you could not provide. I cried myself to sleep about that for a year, I wanted it so bad.

Rayna [to Deacon]

Turns out hooking up with a married man isn't the worst thing you can do.


I can't help it. Every second I spend with her feels like a lie and I don't like pretending that it's not.


You, me, and Teddy; one big, happy family.

Deacon [to Rayna]

Deacon: Why the hell are you here?
Rayna: Because the entire world knows about our daughter.

A statement's not gonna be enough. Not in this day and age, not now with the internet and this 24-hour news cycle.


Well you know as a guy, there's no such thing as too slutty, so it's good.

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