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I love happy endings.


Callen: Something tells me you know something we don't.
Deeks: Crazy, right?


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I have a lipstick gun and I'm not afraid to use it.


I don't think I've ever seen you so excited about a suicide mission.


Callen: You remember to grab your car keys back there?
Sam: Son of a bitch.
Callen: Looks like we're swimming home and walking home.
Sam: Maybe not....

Callen and Sam are alive. I repeat. Callen and Sam are alive.


Kensi: Is that a fanny pack?
Deeks: No, it's a bro-sack.

Sam: You were a magician once.
Callen: Not magician, illusionist.
Sam: You bought a white rabbit, G.
Callen: It came with the hat.

Kensi: When will I be back?
Hetty: When the job's done.

Callen: Hell of a day.
Sam: Yeah. Hell of a day.

Arkady: Do I owe you a favor?
Callen: No, but when this is done I'll owe you one.
Arkady: Then this is business.

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