My family.

Callen [in Russian]


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Told ya I was screwed.

Agent Richards

Callen: The way they took us out?
Sam: Well planned, well executed.
Callen: That room they kept us in?
Sam: Spent a lot of time and money.

Is it yellow or black?


Sometimes a knife is just a knife.


Kensi: What happens next?
Deeks: It's a love story.

Deeks: And there she is.
Kensi: Here I am.

We came, we saw, we kicked ass.


Kensi: And, don't smell me ever again.
Deeks: No promises.

You've heard of Obamacare? This is We-Don't-Care.


Callen: I thought you said you'd stay in the garage?
Joelle: I thought you said you were a securities trader.