Deeks: You got my back?
Kensi: Always.

You're picturing my brain just now aren't you?


Kensi: She's out.
Callen: Welcome back.

They died so I could live - no one could ever repay such a debt.

Ambassador Kelly

Stop by your place for a beer after my workout, just in time to see you leaving looking like Deeks on a bad day.


We came, we saw, we kicked ass.


Deeks: Guess this makes the thumb drive his frozen lake.
Kensi: I guess it does.
Deeks: He'll do that right thing.

You think we can be bought? This is our currency!

Masked Man


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Kensi: I have a boyfriend.
Deeks: So does my girlfriend.

Granger: Pack your things, Agent Blye.
Kensi: Reassigned?

Callen: Something tells me you know something we don't.
Deeks: Crazy, right?