NCIS: Los Angeles

Mondays 9:00 PM on CBS
Ncis los angeles
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They always come back, Owen. Until one day they don't.


Callen: Hell of a day.
Sam: Yeah. Hell of a day.

Who's Waldo?


Granger: Beginning of the end?
Hetty: End of the beginning.


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What's your third heart tell you?


Kensi: She's out.
Callen: Welcome back.

I would never let that happen to you.


Deeks: What's in the box?
Kensi: Mmm. That box?
Deeks: I mean, is there any other box?
Kensi: Apparently not.
Deeks: You didn't answer the question.

Deeks: And there she is.
Kensi: Here I am.

Lasers man. I hate freaking lasers.


A man with no friends doesn't have to worry about them turning into enemies.

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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 5 Quotes

Kens, I just want you know that the place that I went to in my head to stop the pain was you. I just kept thinking about your smile, and your laugh. Everything. It's the only thing that got me through. For whatever it's worth.


I love happy endings.