Necessary Roughness

Wednesdays 10:00 PM on USA
Necessary roughness
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Mall parking lot. Odd spot for therapy.


The scariest skeleton in my closet is you.


Marshall told you to dig. I bet he gave you a shovel too.


To love you've got to leap.


To what do I owe the honor? Jail time? Strip club?


We can hand out copies of the court docs with the pennants and hats.


Maurice: I'm your worst nightmare, TK.
TK: I've got nothing but sweet dreams, baby.

The thing about minefields is no matter how many you navigate, the most dangerous is always the ones you don't see coming.


Can we agree that throwing things at employees is generally considered unacceptable and probably illegal?


Dani: Does she come here often?
Matt: No, but when she does she usually leaves a trail of bodies behind.

It was more like an episode of 60 minutes. An hour of yapity, yapity, yap, and then the show was over.


Stop treating me like a moving target. You might have a better chance of hitting something.

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Necessary Roughness Season 1 Quotes

When you are making a living as a hooker, then you can dig this out of storage.


No matter who you are, no matter how much protective gear you wear, at some point you're gonna get the living crap kicked out of you.