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Michael: If I had just listened to you 5 years ago, things could have been different.
Nikita: Things will be different.

Michael: You were right. Yeah, you were right. If I had just listened to you 5 years ago, things could have been different.
Nikita: Things will be different.

You're the strongest person I've ever met. I don't think you're capable of not caring.

Nikita [to Michael]

My plan was to fly them there for vacation and tell them the house was a rental, and I know on the last day of vacation Haley would just look up at me and tell me it's time to go home. But I would look back down at her and tell her 'we are home.' Percy took that away from me, and made me into this. I'm going to go into his office and I'm gonna shoot him.


Percy walked into your hospital room 9 years ago, and he's been using you ever since. He promised you vengeance against a ghost that he himself has created. You deserve to know the truth.

Kasim [to Michael]

Kasim [to Michael]: Percy told me that we must sacrifice lives a few in order to save the lives of many, even if the sacrifices have to come from the blood of our own countrymen. Percy [to Kasim]: In this particular case, only one soldier needs to fall. When al-qaeda learns that you've taken this man out, they will welcome you into their Shi'at, and I'll have a man on the inside. Together, we can save thousands.

Kasim: You seem like someone with faith.
Nikita: Oh I don't know about that. Although, I do recall praying for the day when I would find your elusive ass.

Alex: This could never work.
Nathan: It seems like it was working just fine to me.

Michael: You're going to great this.
Nikita: One of us will.

Really, Kasim. If I wanted you dead, you'd be dead.


Sorry, Ari. We've gotta do this again. Strike three here I come.


The first night I meet you, you beat some guy down in the middle of a roomful of people. Alex, you're not normal.

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Nikita Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

Nikita: I wanted to be the one to help you kill Kasim. So you could leave Division.
Michael: I've heard this all before.
Nikita: It's still true.

Nikita: Feels different, no big Division eye watching over us.
Michael: I'm the big Division eye.
Nikita: Than how do I look?
Michael: Perfect.