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You guys really have to learn to turn off your comms. Now if this week's episode of 'General Hospital' is over, you might be interested to know -- the party has started.


Nikita: Cassandra and Max -- they're not your family
Michael: I started to forget what it's like -- having a family
Nikita: You have a family. Right here.

That's why you never work with kids or animals.


There will be no rescue mission. That is not what we do.


Nikita: Michael, do you copy?
Michael: I need a minute.
Nikita: Is there a complication?
Michael: Yes. A little one.

Jet's ready. Bring your own peanuts.


Amanda: To do the right thing ... for your country.
Percy: This is my country now.
Amanda: In that case, I'm going to have to put your lap dog down.

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