She must be really powerful because you're supposed to be stronger than a train.


Katie: I got the urine results back.
JJ: I know; everything came back normal.
Katie: JJ, you're pregnant.

That feeling that you're having now, that's the reason I didn't tell my parents my secret. If I have special powers, I'm not special because of me anymore, I'm just a kid with a mutated gene, you know?


I just wanted a job, not an after-school special.


Just because you won't lie to your wife does not mean that I can't. What's she gonna do if she finds out? Make me sleep on the couch?


Just because you've decided to clean up the city doesn't make crime fighting a family business.


Daphne: But Mr. Robins is her teacher!
Megan: In more ways than one, I guess.

Then how do you explain that life-sized game of Jenga our son just played?

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