Jim: Ok, I'm here. In front of a train, that's going 50 mph.
George: I love you, man.

Jim: Aren't you supposed to be getting some award?
George: A key to the city? What am I going to do with a key that don't open anything?

JJ: The thing is when I try to use my powers to impress her, my brain just doesn't work.
Jim: You feel like you can't perform, brain wise I mean?
JJ: Exactly. Every time I look at her I feel like the blood rushes out of my head and...
Jim: Got it!

So you're not going to stop one crime so you can get an award for not stopping another one?


What do they have, a choo-choo fetish?


JJ: You think that's what it is. My brain gets too distracted?
Daphne: I don't know if it's your... brain.

Katie: He makes me feel like the highest point in the electromagnetic spectrum.
Stephanie: Aww.

Daphne: You need a sidekick; someone who can keep up with your super brain.
JJ: Right. Why don't I just run down to Geniuses-R-Us and pick one up?
Daphne: Why don't you ask Katie where she hangs out when she's not with Mr. Tall Dark and Creepy?

You bring a police scanner in your bowling bag?

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