Julian: Even with all the gorgeous models here tonight, the most beautiful woman here was backstage.
Brooke: Thank you.
Julian: I was talking about Victoria.

Clay: I want you to practice two very important words: no comment.

Victoria: Millie is not a model.
Alex: She's gorgeous and has better legs than McKenna, unless you want to go out there with your walker.

Julian: Vicki, Brooke didn't tell me you were coming to the show.
Victoria: Think of me as Millie's training wheels. And don't ever call me Vicki.

Jamie: Why is she lying?
Nathan: Because bad people forget the difference between right and wrong, and they like to take advantage of good people.

Nathan: Putting my son to work?
Brooke: Absolutely! Clothes Over Bros has a long history of child labor.

Victoria: Oh, so you're the has-been actress we're overpaying?
Alex: Oh I've heard about you. You're the mean bitch who used to be a big deal here, but you're not here anymore, so now you're just a mean bitch!

Mouth's Boss: Remember when I asked you if there was anything going on with Nathan Scott?
Mouth: The National Informer? Are you serious? Uh-oh look, alien babies on the rise. Looks like they duped us on that one too!

Kid on the Playground: My mom says they only put stuff in these magazines that's true! Your dad is hosed!
Jamie: He is not

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