You make sad look beautiful, Brooke Davis.


Last time basketball left your dad, and this time he's leaving basketball.


Here's the thing. I know unemployment sometimes leads to crack smoking, and I understand that, but I kinda thought you'd be more excited about this.


Did you see me own that apple sauce earlier? Stuh-rong.


Julian: Besides hat glove belongs on the hand of someone who loves the game. Me, I used to stand out in right field and chase butterflies. Trust me, the glove respects what I'm doing here.
Nathan: I'm sure it does. Probably doesn't respect that you brought it here in a purse though.
Julian: That's a man bag.

I leave you alone for a few days, and you go back to being that stupid girl who follows her heart. I never cared for that version of you.


Better be careful Mouth. Last time you helped me, you got fired and now you're sitting out here at the River Court looking kinda creepy and stalker-ish.


I get to go visit my mother in prison and tell her I sold my company...good times.

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