One Tree Hill Review: What Comes Next?

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Just in case you need to be hit over the head with a hammer and told what the heck was going on, this week's episode of One Tree Hill was about what comes next. 

In "Nobody Taught Us To Quit," the phrase kept coming up time and time again, but I was most interested when the show actually took a look back.

Downtrodden Brooke

First, we started the episode out with another "Dear Lucas" from Haley James Scott, and with rumors of returns by Chad Michael Murray and Hillary  Burton looming, I can't help but get excited at the thought.  Using this device in every episode must be a way of foreshadowing that Lucas is going to be that much more important this season.

And then there were a bunch of "remember that?" moments that also made me smile.  We had Brooke talking about when her parents lost all of their money back when she was in high school.  Then, we got a nice moment between Nathan and Mouth, talking about when the latter didn't report the bogus story about Nathan on TV.

Even Jamie got in on the action, as he remembered how sad Nathan was when he was a belligerent drunk in his wheelchair.  I don't know what their problem was: that was my favorite version of Nathan!  I love the down-on-his luck a** hole character.  And when Brooke thinks that her and Haley used to hang out under some bridge, she is informed that Haley was "tutor girl" and she wasn't cool enough to hang out with Brooke. 

I hate it when shows pretend like the main characters have always been best friends, so it was nice to see the writing show respect for the past.

But, again, this episode was trying to look forward.  Clay gets out of the hospital, Brooke liquidates the company, Nathan retires from basketball and Mouth attempts to embark on another broadcasting career.  I'm going to take a week off from bashing on Clay and Quinn because their story was mostly on the back burner this ep.

Brooke on the Mic

Instead... it's Mouth's turn! Wow, I can't stand this guy.  That act he pulled in front of the camera for Julian's documentary?  Can it get any worse than that?  It was an obvious move, but it was also cringe-worthy. Then again, the kid was right.  Mouth lazing around in his pj's, watching infomercials, was almost as bad.  Then, by episode's end he gets website dropped by Nathan on TV and starts to get thousands of hits?  Did anyone deserve a break like that less than Mouth?  I don't think so.

Nate was all over the place this week.  Trying to make sure Clay didn't get mad about his retirement, then trying to help him out with his clients while he recovered, a few nice moments with Mouth, Julian and Brooke, plenty of fatherly convos with Jimmy Jam.  A solid ep on all Nathan Scott fronts.  But as the episode kept asking, what does come next?

How will Brooke deal with being poor?  How will Nathan, and the rest of his family, deal with a lack of basketball?  How will Clay and Quinn handle recovery?  How about the Chase/Alex/Mia saga?  It should get interesting. What did you think of the episode?

Other thoughts:

  • Victoria: "I leave you alone for a few days, and you go back to being that stupid girl who follows her heart. I never cared for that version of you."  HELLO! Victoria. We all love that version of Brooke.
  • The opening theme song this week was performed by Matthew Ryan.  I did not enjoy it at all.  It didn't fit at all with the pictures on the screen.
  • Funniest scene of the episode had to be Nathan making fun of Julian's purse.
  • This was the third episode of the series directed by James Lafferty.  He previously directed one episode in each of seasons six and seven.
  • Sophia Bush does "on the verge of crying" extremely well. Bravo.
  • Remember to visit our updated section of One Tree Hill quotes every week!


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great great episode!!!


Does anyone really believe Nathan's back is as bad as he says? 'Cause I'm not so sure. The writers dropped that in out of nowhere, and that's not like them. Usually we see the characters suffer over something that big by themselves before they ever share it with the rest of the class. Weird. It's almost like because of the tragedy, he was looking for an excuse to quit. Could be fun to see how that plays out. I miss Dan!!!!! Especially really, really bad Dan. He needs to come back and start trouble again. Best baddie ever. And bring back Chris Keller for a couple of episodes. No one annoys Nathan more than Chris Keller.


Brooke needs her bff back pronto, *hint, hint* - I love OTH, but I think this is going to need to be the last season I think these characters have been taken as far as their going to go and while I'll be sad to see the end I think it's best to end with this season.


I can't believe you don't like mouth! he's my third fav character after naley and brooke. of course still waiting for season 7 here, so can't judge on the episodes. thank you for the spoilers, absolutely love reading all the updates. OTH FTW.
can't wait to catch up on these episodes


I hope this show ends this season. It obviously hasn't been the same since season 4, but it hasn't been completely awful either. I would just like to see it end on some kind of a high note. This season has been really blah and crazy. Since when did it have to go out of control? The whole Clay and Quinn thing? Worst storyline by far.


i reckon they defs have a season 9, although season 9 might be the ending season ....i hope it doesnt cause i love OTH but i have a feeling it might...


I Love One Tree Hill too, always have, If Lucas & Peyton come back it would be fantastic lets hope for another season with the whole crowd. It has had a great big hole in it since Chad & Hilarie left but it stood the test of time and is still going strong watch the ratings go through the roof if Chad & Hilarie agree to come back. There's plenty of story left to tell. I'm hoping for a season 9 definately.


agree with you on the version of i dont want to be ....crap !!
i really liked this episode.
i kinda glad brooke is giving up her company, i love brooke and clothes over bros, but i reckon this will give Brooke some sick as story lines in the future. i cant wait to see what happens next. BITHtoria...oh i cant wait to see what happens with that haha
i love nathan, he is amazing, giving up basketball come really unexpected for me, but clays reaction was even a little more unexpected, but i guess that just shows how much clay and nathan love each other as friends. i mean we have never really seen Nathan with a bestfriend, yes he had haley but that's different, they have/always will be bestfriends, lovers, husband wife. and yes he had lucas, but they use to hate eachother, but they came together in a more brotherly way than a friend, so im liking the whole nathan and clay friendship... but they should give nathan a rival of some sort, just so we can see his jerk side come out, i mean we all love when nathan is a jerk, as long he isnt towards jamie and haley LOVE jamie and quinns relationship..SOO COOL!...but i really want the haley and jamie mother son relaionship, that was adorable !
loving how they brought back memories from the old seasons, do it more often..
yeh mouth is just getting annoyin, seriously give him something to stay occupied. not caring much for him anymore
Julians documentaries is what im waiting to see, i cant wait to see what he does with it and the footage of nathan... im excited for this season, not goin to lie, thought the season might go on a downward spiral, but so far, im liking it..
i love OTH always have

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