Ted, right place at the right time, that's how I jumped the line. I was downtown, headquarters. I got stuck in an elevator with Juan Trippe for 11 minutes. I figured, I got nothing to lose so I told him what I thought about his pilot seniority system. And, I asked him, do you want to be part of the past, or do you want to be part of the future?


Dean: Damn, who designed this approach.
Sanjeev: Satan.

Ted: Dad, um, this is my last shot at the space program. So..
Ted'd Dad: It's over son. Accept your honorable discharge honorably and move on with your life. Plenty of blue skies ahead, Teddy.

Laura: What are we watching?
Ted: Mercury 9 live lift off sending the first man into liftoff for more than a day.

Laura: You're not even giving me a chance.
Kate: To do what? To be me?

I don't want to worry about you and I don't want to take care of you.


Maggie said that Jakarta is refreshingly undefined.


Laura! Forget your mittens. Grab a swim suit!


I miss Bridget. She was never too tired to play.

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