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Hank told me I could have twenty dollars if I could shut up for one whole hour. And then I did. I don't think you should drop out of the race.


He said you didn't want to be in bed with Harry Lerner and then I said I wouldn't want Harry Lerner in my bed either. And then he said that was supposed to be a metaphor and then told me to go play video games.


If only it were that easy. I mean, your past is what makes you who you are, it's what you bring to a marriage, you know. If only we could leave the past behind us, right?


I'm gonna introduce you to them at some point. I just think that our wedding is supposed to be the happiest day of our lives, and if my step dad comes, then it's not gonna be. So, they're not coming.


Adam: This is an album, right here, OK? Joni knows how to lift you up and tear you down all at once. We're gonna have to skip the song right after this one 'cause it makes me cry.
Drew: Really?
Adam: Yeah.

Of course you're not gonna ask him for a thousand dollars. A guy like that? You're gonna ask him for a lot more.

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