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Well, the douche, it's a Pawnee tradition and it's where fun meets awesome.. meets agriculture.


Andy: Tell me your least favorite things you have to do everyday and I'll do them for a month.
April: Fine. If you do everything I hate for a month, then I might begin to think about the possiblity of thinking about maybe staying.
Andy: That's all I have to hear. You won't live to regret this.

Ann: Is this right?
Chris: This feels almost perfect, but I don't think your core has maximized elasticity.
April: Okay, umm, I'll come back if you guys are.. being weird.

Man: Sup, guys? Just douching over here in Eagleton.
Tom: Sweet.

No, I don't care about their relationship. I just don't want to lose April. I would never be able to find a worst assistant.


Why are you working the permit's desk, and why was that child clubbing your nuggets?


Crazy Ira: Know why I'd never be an astronaut? Two words: Space farts. You can't roll down the window to the shuttle. Am I right, folks?

Unless Andy can un-kiss Ann, then I'm not going to change my mind.


April: Do you have Internet in your office?
Chris: Yes.

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