Fusco: Shouldn't we call for backup?
Carter: You are my backup.

Carter: I don't know who to trust anymore.
Finch: You can trust us, Detective.

Carter: They think you're working with Elias.
Reese: I'm often misunderstood.

So we're going to babysit the five most powerful criminals in New York.


Finch: Did you forget to set your alarm?
Reese: I had my yoga class.
Finch: Well, I hope you've gotten in touch with your inner chi.

Reese: Which do you like better: good cop or bad cop?
Fusco: You tell me.

That's a terrible plan, but I like it, so let's do it.


Fusco: You ever work an identity theft case?
Carter: Every arrest I ever made. They all say I got the wrong guy.

Reese: Last one in pays for lunch.
Finch: I'm in the mood for Indian.

Finch: What on Earth happened?
Reese: Elias happened.

People start targeting children, there are no rules.


Honest to a fault.


Person of Interest Quotes

No, no, no, that's not a bone, that's a Bontoni!


Find me Harold Finch.