Sara was down there so long. Has she been to a high school dance? Has she had a date yet?


Ezra: Was that Clarke? I wish I could get a chance to meet him.
Aria: While you were eavesdropping?

A gives so that A can take away. That's what A does.


Hey, how you feeling? Look, I didn't know that she put those in my bag and I'm sure you're only meant to take like one.


Mike: You're really brave, you know that.
Aria: Then why do I feel scared all the time?

Hanna, listen to me. With everything that family has put you through, you deserve every last cent of that scholarship money.


You had him. What happened?


Hanna: Spencer say something. Why are we like radioactive?
Spencer: Bitch chipped us.

Sara, you're safe in this house.


Emily: Sara, what are you doing? What happened?
Sara: I will pay for the bike.

Hanna: I'm not the one who just shows up at someone's door without a reason.
Caleb: I have a reason.

Hanna: What the hell Mona?
Spencer: Have you been down there the whole time? Was that you? Answer us!

Pretty Little Liars Quotes

People who are meant to be together take a break and find their way back to their first love.

I don't care how many beauty pageants she's won. She's an ugly person.