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Miranda: Caleb, I'm not back. I'm dead.
Caleb: What? That's crazy.
Miranda: Yeah well I was sorta an atheist before all this so imagine how I feel.

Two times you're with that guy, two times you almost died. I'm not taking anymore chances.

Luke [to Remy]

I'm tired of being the public face for my whole family. I'm tired of smiling and being brave, pretending everything's okay.


You do realize people just felt sorry for me after what happened the other night, that’s why they voted for me.


With all due respect, I don’t believe in any of that life after death soul crap.


When we sleep our minds open to all matters of stimuli.

Mrs. Grunwald

Caleb the road was clear. She grabbed the wheel. The next thing I know my car was full of river.

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