Ravenswood Review: Ghost Whisperer

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After last week's introduction to the creepiest town since Pretty Little Liars' Rosewood, we were left with five teens in a car submerged in the river.

On Ravenswood Season 1 Episode 2, we found out that one of those teens didn't survive.

So... who were they unable to pull from the wreckage in time?

Remy and Caleb

It's pretty crazy to kill off a main character in only the second episode, but Ravenswood is going for it! Miranda, unfortunately, did not make it out alive. Some stills have popped up around the Internet of her in the same outfit for coming episodes (including at a funeral) and there has been speculation regarding her future.

Also, it kind of reasons that since Miranda is the only one who saw the ghost because she was the one who would probably be affected the most. As she later told Caleb after their semi-humorous exchange, that spirit was waiting for them. 

Miranda: Caleb, I'm not back. I'm dead.
Caleb: What? That's crazy.
Miranda: Yeah well I was sorta an atheist before all this so imagine how I feel.

The question now is, why?

Remy did some research and each time a sole surviving soldier came home from war, five teens in the town were killed. Is the ghost a war widow? Or maybe the survivor of the first war? Is she the one who put the curse on the town? And what does Uncle Collins know? Mrs. Grunwald keeps hinting that him ignoring things isn't going to help.

By the way, is anyone else incredibly creeped out by her?

Despite being in a horrible car accident, the teens tried to resume somewhat of an everyday life. Well, everyone except for Caleb, who doesn't live there. Caleb's sole mission is to help Miranda find out why there were graves with their names on them. He is there to unwrap a mystery and not much is going to deter him. Apparently not even several near-death experiences!

Luke, for one, is ready to see Caleb leave. However, now that spooky stuff is happening to him too maybe they will end up joining forces. I found it sweet that despite this overall dark vibe of Ravenswood, Remy and Luke still had their Romeo & Juliet forbidden love moments. I like this couple together. It's too bad their parents are so determined to keep them apart. 

Olivia and Luke's mother definitely has her secrets. Is murder one of them? It's too soon to tell. Olivia wants to stop being the public face for her family and I can't really blame her. It must be incredibly hard to try and always put on the strong face. Then she found out her peppy best friend was hooking up with the guy who probably doused her in fake blood at the parade.

And if he isn't guilty of that, he's still guilty of fighting with her brother in the Ravenswood series premiere

Do you think Tess is a shady friend? Will the others in the group be able to see Miranda too? What do you think the ghost wants with all of them?


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I didn't watch the episode but I was going to then I read that Miranda was the one that died and even though that's not shocking to me I didn't want her to and it made me loose interest in the show because to me she had the most interesting story and now she's a ghost so she can't really grow as a character I feel. So know I'm done with the show which I'm not really happy about because I thought it seemed to interesting but when you kill off a main character even if their not gone you'll lose me because it's not that interesting any more. Maybe it's because I'm sick of ghost because I watch the vampire diaries and I'm tired of when someone dies they don't actually go away.


I think Olivia and Luke's mom's lover is miranda's creepy uncle; Mr Collins. Hence that look...just guessing

Sarah silva

am not happy that they killed Miranda. I get that the way the "curse" works is that 5 teens die but I wish she was still alive.
We will see her when Caleb sees her so I hope that the show handles that well.
There is something fishy about Remy's dad. I have a feeling Remy's mom was having an affair with Luke and Olivia's dad or something.
Olivia needs a new BFF!


im surprised you didn't mention that each one of them has tried to be killed after the fact. remy in the car window, the dog being let out of the van, the weight being dropped on luke, and that kid springer? who was fighting with luke, leaving the weight room when Olivia's bf showed up saying- did he do it is he part of something? and then caleb with the mirror shattering around him? and did you notice the way mr. Collins looked at olive and lukes mom as they were all leaving the hospital?...definetly a strange show..they need more plot, I am confused as well..and I thought at the end when they were showing the graveyard I thougth they would show something, give a little helpful hint of whats going on..not sure how long I am sticking with it..its just weird..and plus why is caleb sticking around..doesn't he have to go to school! and have Hannah?


I do not quite understand the show fully about, i think they need to clarify the plot a bit more as i am still way confused. and i an to keep watching they better explain what is happening a bit better and honestly cant see any reason for why Caleb would stay in ravenswood for much longer.


This show is wack as fuck.

@ Wack

i so agree with you.

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Ravenswood Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

When we sleep our minds open to all matters of stimuli.

Mrs. Grunwald

Caleb the road was clear. She grabbed the wheel. The next thing I know my car was full of river.