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Ray: What are you screaming for?
Avi: Because it f*ckin' hurts!

But you, you're my favorite, Ray. You always were. We're alike, the two of us. The same exactly.


You did 20 years because you stole half a million dollars from Sully. The only place you were safe was in prison, where you ratted out his whole family.

Ray: What's your plan, Ezra?
Ezra: To hire you to come up with a plan.
Ray: Then let me do my f*ckin' job.

You're the wolf, Mickey. Ray was right. You're the wolf.


I don't trust him no more. Can I come work for you?


Murder Ray? I can't condone it. You should have told me what happened to you.


I'm sorry I hit you with the shoe. I got upset. It was a cruel thing to do. It won't happen again.


I just slit a guy's throat and all I got was a f*ckin' Ralph's card.

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