We're the same, aren't we? I knew it the minute I met you.


It felt good. It was liberating. I mean, didn't you ever kill anybody Ray? See? I can tell. I can tell. You saw that. You, you definitely have.


Ray: How's this gonna work?
Cookie: Whatcha mean Ray?
Ray: How do I know for sure you're not gonna hurt my kid?
Cookie: You don't. [bang]
Ray: I didn't think so. [bullet to Cookie's forehead]

Ray: You gonna shoot me Cookie?
Cookie: I don't know Ray. I don't always wanna be lookin' over my shoulder.
Ray: Yeah, I know the feelin'.

They say it's a common thing. That you know you won't do it, but you think that you will. But you know you won't.


Ezra: It's all gotten away from you, and I needed to make it right. I love you. Avi loves you.
Ray: It's over Ezra.

Jim: Just because I'm not gonna break the law, doesn't mean I can't protect you.
Abby: What you mean?
Jim: Cookie knows where you live, but he doesn't know where I live.

Take it easy. He's movin'.


Ray: You're a good man, Terry.
Terry: What the fuck do you know about bein' a good man, Raymond?

Abby's boyfriend just pulled over Cooke Brown and let him go.


You buried a Catholic priest at a Jewish hospital?


You want to tell me why you paid $2 million to have Sully kill your father?


Ray Donovan Quotes

Who lives in Calabasas anyway? Sinbad, Howie Mandel? Jesus Ray.


You think you're the first person I've dealt with woke up in bed with a dead body?