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Volcheck: Please forgive me, but I really wanna fuck you. Tonight.
Donna: Really sweetie? Cause I really wanna fuck you, too.

Mickey: Well, they say write about what you know. I know about two things: robbin' banks and fuckin' black chicks.
Paramount Exec: Let's see where that goes.

Oh! You're the lezzie who works for my son.


You know what? She's right! I am a victim! We're all your victims!


Fuck her harder Eddie.


At first I thought I wanted to help the victims, but it turns out I just like talking to sociopaths. They fascinate me.


I don't wanna go home. Can we go to a hotel and have sex?


Jim: Hey slugger. You alright?
Abby: No. I should have smashed her fuckin' face in.

I feel dirty.


Ed: There is no law here, Mick, there's just me. I'm the law! ME! I'm about to become the number one law enforcement officer in the United States, hell in the FREE WORLD Mick! But you Irish Spring, you Lucky Charms eating PIECES OF SHIT, you guys are gonna bring me down!
Mickey: Top of the mornin' to ya.

It really bothers you, doesn't it? Not being in control.


He made me kill that poor fat fucker. It was like killing a fuckin' dog!

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