Tommy: I owe you big time for this.
Sheila: No. I did this for us. I did this for all of us.
Tommy: For the brotherhood?
Sheila: No, silly, for the Gavins.

This is a dysfunctional family. I know. Call the newspapers. There's a headline for you.


Sheila: What's he trying to tell us?
Tommy: Probably that he wants to be put up for adoption.

Tommy: Nobody's going to drink. Everybody calm down. How much money are we talking?
Sheila: Eight grand.
Tommy: For the wedding.
Sheila and Janet: For the dress.
Tommy: I need a whiskey.

Todd: Who the hell called the cops?
Teddy: I did. You guys are getting your asses kicked in there. I figured you could use some backup.

Tommy: What's that?
Larry: Now you know why they call me "Loch Ness."

Sean: It's us against them at this point. They play dirty. We play dirty. Remember what Needles said.
Mike: What?
Sean: What did Needles say?
Needles: You're a moron.
Sean: No. That wasn't it.
Needles: Fight fire with fire.
Sean: Well, I would've remembered that. Hello.

Sean: What do you mean I have a small penis?
Emily: I'm sorry. Really, I'm not trying to be mean. I think you have a great little penis.
Sean: Ok. Can we stop calling it "little," please?
Emily: Modest?
Sean: Yeah, that's... no.
Emily: Petite?
Sean: No, I don't... ok, let's just call it little.

Needles: Tommy, I need you to go home. Don't do anything stupid for about a month.
Sean: That's not gonna happen. Did I say that out loud?

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