On the series finale of Rescue Me, the men pick up the pieces following a fire. Elsewhere, the Fire Academy graduates a new class.


Colleen and Black Shawn get married on this episode of Rescue Me. But things don't go as expected.


Behind Tommy's back, Lou delivers letters to Sheila and Janet this week. Elsewhere, the leadership of Francostein is tested.


Tommy visits Ground Zero this week. He consequently crosses an emotional line with Sheila.


Pam Keppler probes Tommy's personal life this week, while Sean works up the nerve to confront Emily over a certain smell.


Tommy's 9/11 interview airs this week. How do you think it goes? Exactly.


Colleen makes an offer to Teddy this week. Elsewhere, Chief Feinberg continues to be combative.


The men go a bit crazy waiting for a job this week. Elsewhere, Lou fakes a physical and Tommy is saved by an unfamiliar face.


Tommy's personal life gets shaken up on the seventh season premiere of Rescue Me. Read on for a full recap/


Tommy really is trying to change his image and his lifestyle on Rescue Me. This week's episode, titled "Change," is recapped here and now.