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Daniel: Why do I even care? My parents are rotten human beings who continually disappoint me and yet I have this inane need to protect them.
Emily: Because despite everything they're your family. And when someone comes along and threatens that bond you'll do anything to defend it.

[to Emily] Tell me, when exactly did punishing the guilty become more important to you than helping the innocent?


Just check your soul, Emily Thorne, because once you start taking down kittens, I'm out.


Right, the gospel according to Emily. Sin unto others as you've had sinned unto you.


[to Emily] Maybe you don't get that even one tiny lie can cause a lot of damage.


Booze in the morning looks a lot like denial, Dad.


Trust is difficult without proof.


It is believed that original sin can only be cleansed by the waters of baptism. But it is the sin that follow that are not so easily washed away. And since forgiveness of trespasses is only granted to the truly penitent pure evil can never be erased.

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