Jane: He's kind of like a bedbug.
Maura: Hard to eradicate.

Maura: I just wanted to sleep with him. If only he didn't talk.
Jane: Or have a face licking fetish.

Right now all I want to do is get you naked and lick your face.


I'm not suggesting we're looking for a place that serves Flipper. I'm saying maybe there's a dolphin in the logo.


Giovanni: You like Italian?
Maura: I love Italians.

I'm not saying that we make her live in a refrigerator box. I'm just saying that she needs to be busy.


I mean what could be more fun than taking out your broke, homeless mother who's been dumped by your father.


A stomach's contents are like somebody's grocery bag. They're so revealing. It's my favorite part.


Marmalade is the new black.


Jane: What's wrong?
Maura: Nothing.
Jane: Tell that to your face. It looks pretty bothered.

This reminds of the time I asked for a bunk bed and you surprised me with a pink canopy.


I can't remember the last time I had so much fun marinating in mud.