Maura: You slept with Raphael?
Jane: We didn't sleep, Maura.

I finally get promoted to detective and my boss hates Rizzolis. Thanks Jane.


The only time I wash my car is right before I sell it.


You just said the best line to get a woman to take her clothes off.


They're anti-women, anti-environment, and anti-AAA. Who is anti-AAA?


Maura: I feel very silly.
Jane: You're going to feel even sillier when I push you out with my feet.

You'd be even weirder than you are if you didn't want to know your biological mother.


Maura: Society is slow to change even though 53% of women are the main bread winners in their household.
Frost: Why don't I have one of those chicks in my household?

Even if Mother Teresa gave a kidney to the half sister she never knew she would expect a call from her mother saying, I don't know, thanks for the organ.


Maura: It must be nice to follow in your father's footsteps.
Jane: No, then I'd be a plumber and you'd be a mob boss.

I still find it amazing they can suck out an organ through a straw.


I'll be OK, or I won't. It's my choice.