I am not your enemy, but make me one and you shall feel my fury.


Hawthorne: A gracious host, even in defeat.
Mary: I honor the council's decision. Congratulations Magistrate Hawthorne.
Hawthorne: Shall we dispense with the pleasantries It is my full intent to shake Salem from the grip of mayhem brought on by you.
Mary: By all means. But take care, even a Magistrate has his place.
Hawthorne: As has a woman. I suggest you start tending to some duties more suited to your gender. What is it, Mary, that gives you such brash confidence to reach so far beyond your station? You are the Delilah in our midst.
Mary: A strong woman is not more to fear than a strong man.

Rev. Lewis: Mercy. If you have any humanity left in you, return to me what is most vital.
Mercy: You'll be reunited with the shriveled remnants of your manhood when you've fulfilled errand I demand! And now I need you to strike the first blow against dear Mary Sibley.

Your life as you know it may be over. Do you want your legacy and legend to die as well?


Wainwright: So tell me, how did it feel to be completely in another's control over your very life, your very soul?
Mary: I know such a feeling and this was not it.

Mary: No, it is you who are at risk. You operate her under my approval, yet they call you necromancer and speak of corpse bothering.
Wainwright: I doubt very much anything bothers a corpse.
Mary: Do not jest doctor. We hang men for such things in Salem.
Wainwright: It seems there's little you don't hang men for. Or women.

Wainwright: Very advanced words for a stern Puritan mistress like yourself. I would have thought you'd consider the body a constant source of pain, temptation to hell. Like your husband.
Mary: My husband is entirely correct. Life with him has been both a pain and a constant temptation to hell, but I'm not convinced God intended it so.

Ahhh. But this Mary Sibley, she must be special indeed. Not content to survive, but to thrive.


Sebastian: What did she taste like, mother?
Countess: Like lemons and honey. Like Strawberry and sugar. Like innocence. [kiss passionately]
Sebastian: I can still taste the honey.
Countess: Well, nothing lingers like innocence.

Trust me, if men had to deliver a child from an opening in their body that small? The earth would be a cold, dead place.


I knew you were strong and smart, but never suspected how brave, to confront a potential robber alone?


Countess: Your father did not tell you the whole truth, did he? Well you must ask him. Ask him who you truly are. You are not mere Essex witch anymore than he.
Anne: I cannot ask him.
Countess: Why?
Anne: He is dead.
Countess: Well do not weep for him. We must all murder our fathers and mothers. This is the way!
Anne: How did you know?
Countess: Oh child, you have so much to learn. I almost envy you, the long path to endarkenment that you must walk. When you learn to talk to your father again where he is, then you'll be ready to hear what he can tell you. In the meantime, weep no more unless it is to with the rain.

Salem Quotes

All the world shall be yours in return; all the world.


John: Judge not, lets ye be judged.
Sibley: Who said that?
Jesus. You might have heard of him.