I will tell you know what I never told you in life, you are a better man than I. Your mind is deeper, your words are truer and your heart, [places hand over Cotton's heart] your heart is far more pure. Do not let my failures be yours. And, know this, I love you.


Shall I trust a wasp not to sting?


Sebastian: I heard you were a true physician, but you're as rude as a barber, surgeon. Are you a menace?
Dr. Wainwright: I must have misplaced them, perhaps in the same dark cabinet where you keep your morals.

A bone from Mary Sibley, Satan's favorite whore.


Dear Increase, did you really think I'd let you lay a hand on me?


Painful, I know, for a man who lived by the power of his speech to be silenced.


Like piggies at the trough, little knowing how soon they'll be led to the slaughter. Some of them have their uses, true enough, I suppose. Mr. Hawthorne will make a fine puritan beard for us to wear; greedy and easily manipulated, so he will live. Young Mather, on the other hand, he's harmless...hardly! Filled with passion and ideals, there's very little more dangerous than that combination. No, he must die so young Mather can join his father in Hell. And of course, the handsome Dr. Wainwright, he should die first of all. Too fearless, too intelligent, above all, too curious, wouldn't you agree? After all as you'll soon learn, if you've not already, it's precisely sacrifice that fuels our work. You might say that sacrificing what we most love is the key to opening all doors.

Countess Marburg

Petras' eyes showed all witch killer, you will kill no witches tonight.


I tell you madam, after a lifetime of betrayal and torture, I have not a drop of trust left in me. I couldn't believe you if I tried.


So it's true. Killers do always return to the scene of their crime.


Countess Marburg: Oh Salem. We have heard of your terrible plights and now we see with out own eyes the neglect that has been shown you. We took sail as hastily as we could to show solidarity and to bring an abundance of supplies! [applause breaks out]
Mary: Such a display of wealth and opulence. How could we ever repay you?
Countess Marburg: The look of open affection and gratitude in your face is repayment enough. [kisses both of her cheeks]

Mary: What kind of man woos with blackmail?
Sebastian: It's not the beginning of love that matters. It's the end. And trust me, I know how our story ends. It ends like this...and they lived happily ever after.

Salem Quotes

All the world shall be yours in return; all the world.


John: Judge not, lets ye be judged.
Sibley: Who said that?
Jesus. You might have heard of him.