Basic human contact is bigger than any idea. It takes you outside yourself. It's more comforting than words. Without it, we'd die. Sometimes, it's not enough. And sometimes it's enough for now. Contact grounds you. It brings you back.


Goran: I'm not up for a relationship.
Maggie: Please shut up.

Comas are mysterious, and that's coming form someone who has intricate knowledge of the brain. I need a mochaccino.


[to Goran] I am sickened by you and also totally turned on.


Goran: Why do you keep staring at me like that?
Maggie: Because I can't decide if you're insane or a genius.

Charlie: When people, patients, die here at Hope Zion, they stick around for a little while.
Boy: So you're a dead guy?
Charlie: No, no I'm in a coma. Kind of a special case I guess.

Charlie's ex wife: I see you doing all this nursemaid stuff for him, but what are you doing for him as his wife.
Alex: I'm his fiancee.

This is what I love about you, Alex. You face things. You walk towards trouble. You look it right in the eye. And when you have to, you fight.

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