Cassie: I've never been to a prom.
Diana: It usually doesn't involve ancient crystals and time travel.

You want me to go back in time with you.


You're a master elder with a badass cloaking spell and you use it to hide your girly mags?


Oh and I forgot, we have the dark magic super twins on our side.


There's a curse on us. If we started developing again, someone from the circle could die.


We totally got out magicked in our own magic house. Unbelievable.


Is it smart to do absolutely everything John Blackwell tells us to do?


John: Are you okay?
Cassie: Not really. My grandmother is dead and it turns out my father slept with half of Chance Harbor!

Jake: Is it true, witch hunters did it?
Faye: That's what Blackwell said.
Jake: We can't just sit here and let them get away with this!
Faye: And we will. But right now there are sad, fragile, old people here. Let's not give them some heart attacks with angry threats.

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