Oh, haven't you heard? Charlotte's a lesbian now.


Samantha: Nobody told me it was B.Y.O man?
Carrie: What did you expect? It's a lesbian art show.
Samantha: I know but don't straight guys usually follow them around to see what they're gonna do?

I was a major lesbian back in 4th grade. Wendy Kristen we kissed. It was nice.


Big: I can tell you one thing, I sure did miss you, officially.
Carrie: Did you cry?
Big: No, but I did listen to a hellava lot of Sinatra.

Charlotte: What are you saying is that a straight woman and a gay woman can't be friends?
Samantha: Of course, they can, but you can't expect to move to Wonder Woman's island and not go native.

Miranda: They know your straight right?
Chalotte: I'm sure they do, but we don't even talk about sex, it's a non-issue.
Miranda: You have to tell them, otherwise your just leading them on.
Samantha: That's right, your nothing more than a big clit tease.

Charlotte enters the room
Samantha: Wow, you didn't have to get all dressed up for us.
Miranda: Why not, you did your hair?

You can't just let it grow wild anymore. There's an entire buisness these days devoted to the upkeep and management of pubic hair. It says as much about you as your shoes.


Samantha: What is this thing, that guys have these days about wanting to shave your pubic hair?
Miranda: It's obvious, they want a little girl.

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