I can't believe Charlotte wants to be in this world? Look at these people, they're like Ken and Barbie cut-outs.


Miranda: It's like Martha Stewart exploded in here.
Carrie: Hey, look, headbands are back in style.
Samantha: I'm starving where's the food?
Miranda: Their wasps, there's never any food, only booze.
Samantha: Fine! Martini, six olives.

I was busy preparing for Aidan to come back. I had slept in Big's and my sex sheets for two days, and like any good junkie knew how to hide the evidence.


Samantha: I'm going to tell you something, there's two types of guys out there, the ones that hold your hand and the ones that fuck you.
Carrie: (thinking to herself) And I'd, slept with both of them in the last forty-eight hours.
Samantha: And the ones that fuck you, aren't worth a damn. We're all alone, Carrie....(crys)

Samantha: I can't believe she's marrying that guy?
Miranda: For about a tenth of what's she's worth.
Carrie: Hey, I thought you were Ms pro-marriage these days?
Samantha: Honey, I wasdelirious , I also saw plaid spots all over my bathtub.

Charlotte: I did it. I negotiated with Bunny and I signed the pre-nup.
(Samantha and Miranda hold their breath)
Carrie: That's great sweetie.
Charlotte: I'm getting married.
Carrie, Samantha, Miranda: Congratulations.

Miranda: I can't believe I'm going to say this, but it feels wierd without her here.
Samantha: That's such a Charlotte thing to say.

(to Charlotte) A woman named Bunny? Honey, you can take her.


Carrie: You have no right to do this, you can't just come back into my life and fuck it all up.
Mr. Big: Well, I think there are two people doing the fucking here Carrie.

Charlotte: You guys made it.
Carrie, Miranda, Samantha: hey!
Trey: Ladies, I see you've found the bar.
Miranda: We're good that way.

Charlotte: I can't sign that. I can't marry someone knowing they feel this way.
Miranda: Listen, this is just their opening offer, it totally standard you go back in a negotiate.
Charlotte: Negotiate? I can't even buy stuff on sale.

Carrie: Do you know what your problem is? You want it all, you want me the girl you screw, and the girl you go home to, her.
Big: That's bull shit, I just want you.

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Sex and the City Season 3 Quotes

I will never be the woman with the perfect hair, who can wear white and not spill on it, and chair committees, and write thank you notes, and I can't feel bad about that.


It's hard to find people who would love you no matter what. I was lucky enough to find three of them.

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