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This is infuriating. I cannot get my maps app to triangulate. Ahh but I can still receive updates for your so-called social network. And how is it you have 500 friends? I had only seven close companions. Four of them died, and those were good odds.


Ichabod: An old flame of mine was a seamstress. She'd be well impressed.
Abbie: Who was your date, Betsy Ross?
Ichabod: How did you know that?

Crane will give your soul to Moloch. It is prophecy.


So if I turn my back on the world and on Crane, I'll get a better view of the Apocalypse? Sorry. No deal.


On my way. Colon closed parentheses. Oh. that's a man's face. I suppose that's charming.


Abbie: The place is booby trapped.
Ichabod: Sounds unpleasant.

I guess those social workers were right. I really am a bad influence.


Ichabod: Got it!
Abbie: You find something?
Ichabod: Pause button.

Jenny [possessed]: You will die August Corbin at the hands of the Horseman of Death and I will kill the sister.
Corbin: Jenny's sister?
Jenny: Must I? I will kill her. I will kill her Abbie.

Abbie: If you're going to keep wearing that damn thing, I have two words for you. Dry cleaning.
Ichabod: Pick two words I'd understand.

Abbie: Have you ever heard of a boondoggle?
Ichagod: If it's another form of restrictive trouser, I'd rather not.

I don't understand your obsession with my finery. Demons threaten our very existence with the promise of Apocalypse...God's wounds! One sign of the impending Apocalypse is surely skinny jeans.

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Sleepy Hollow Quotes

Abbie: Who is he? When's the last time you saw him?
Ichabod: When I cut off his head.

Police Detective: Do you admit to cutting off his head, yes or no?
Ichabod: Nooo. First I shot him, then he rose back up. Cutting off his head seemed the next logical step.

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