Abbie: I would kick myself if I didn't ask this, what's he like? If he is a he and not a she.
Orion: By he you mean...
Abbie: The almighty, Yahweh, Jehovah; whatever name you use.
Orion: The concept of names does not apply. Neither does the concept of gender. All there is, is what is.

Ichabod: Is that what I think it is?
Abbie: I was going to ask you the same thing.
Orion: I'm Orion, are you friend or foe?

Abbie: Could either of us imagine our lives without battling evil? We'd have to reinvent ourselves.
Ichabod: This is a conversation for a day when we do not have a trail to follow.

Moloch: Kill the witch and the final tree will burn.
Henry: She is Abraham's.
Moloch: Abraham failed, he gets nothing. The witch dies first.
Henry: But Abraham awaits the bargain you made him.
Moloch: He is nothing. You are nothing but what I made you. Sacrifice your mother now.

Ichabod: Where is Moloch?
Abraham: The four trees.
Jenny: The four white trees?
Abraham: Not anymore. I'm afraid the trees and the forest have taken on a darker hue. War and Moloch have begun to merge purgatory and this world. With each tree that is burned black more evil may enter.

Abraham: All magic has a cost.
Katrina: What are you saying?
Abraham: The sword requires a sacrifice. The life of anybody who wields it.
Abbie: You're lying
Abraham: The moment a man uses the sword to kill his soul and hence his life will be taken with it.

Abbie: A motorcycle, no electronics just good old fashioned machinery.
Ichabod: If ever there were justification to commandeer a vehicle; the apocalypse would be it.

Abraham: I was supposed to be the hero of this story. Not the villain.
Ichabod: Do not dare put this on me. You chose the mantle of Death. You chose Moloch.

Locking eyes with the Gorgon turns a person to stone. We can't even get near enough to kill it. Maybe someone with no eyes can.


Ichabod: Whatever man I may be, Abraham, I'm still your better.
Abraham: Toy swords and pretend fighting, but come test yourself in the real world and decide; were you meant to teach history or to make it.

Ichabod: In the book of Enoch there is the legend of Methuselah. He was given a sword with the power to kill any being on Earth. He used it to take down a thousand demons.
Abbie: So Mama was right the sword can kill Moloch.

Jenny: You saved us.
Lori: I did. After they locked me up Moloch sent her to finish me off. I've been trapped in this place ever since. I watched over you Jenny, while you were here. I did everything I could to protect you both.

Sleepy Hollow Quotes

Claws secreting acidic venom; Vitala. An undead human being of Hindu lore that serves Kali, Goddess of death and regeneration.


Carmella: The job's here in Sleepy Hollow. We're gonna rob Theodore Knox's estate.
Hawley: Knox? You mean like Fort Knox?
Carmella: What I've gotten myself into; my life's on the line now.
Hawley: No sorry it's too weird and out of the blue.
Carmella: That's the way life is. You owe me Nicky. Time to repay your debt.