Sleepy Hollow

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Sleepy hollow
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Confounding, Henry Parish assumes the mantle of War and when he emerges it is not as a raging colossus but as an attorney.


I used to be just like you. I thought I had it all figured out but then I came to Sleepy Hollow. And now that I've seen what I've seen, I'm not going to pretend to be blind again. The end is near.


Just don't take 13 years to come get me this time, OK?


Forgive me but the ropes were starting to chafe. I presume you did that for my comfort.


That's what scares me. My faith in you is my greatest weakness.


It's nice to know that even a man from the 18th Century won't ask for directions.


Ichabod: Thomas Jefferson once said banking establishments are more dangerous than a standing army.
Abbie: Just stand in line and go with the flow.
Ichabod: Two statements that are indeed complete opposite.

Abbie: This is insane!
Ichabod: So much of my life can be categorized under those auspices.

These people entrust you with their fortune, yet you cannot trust them with a simple inkwell?


Where to begin. My wife has been captured by the Horseman of Death and my son is the Horseman of War.


I found your sister. She is having rather a trying day as well. And yours doesn't look much better.


Ichabod: Madam.
Jenny: Where's Abbie?
Ichabod: Purgatory.

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Sleepy Hollow Quotes

Valley Forge turned good men into beasts. Some even stooped to cannibalism in their desperation. Rumor told squire Boone was among them. Even attacked his own brother.


The Weeping Lady, local legend goes back to Colonial days. She's the ghost of a woman who drowned in the Blind Brook river. Dripping wet, glowing green eyes whole nine.

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