What is it exactly about a telescope that merits 76 trombones and a big parade?


You're here. I can't know who you are. I'd give anything to see your face... to know your name. But you can't protect us if we know who you are. I understand that now.


Chloe: Hey! Do you ever check your voicemail?
Clark: Looks like someone missed breakfast in bed with Oliver this morning.
Chloe: I'm not here to talk about my love life.
Clark: That makes two of us.

Lois: Chloe, can you believe it? I'm early.
Chloe: No, Lois, "early" is when you arrive at your destination by a set time. Not when you can see it from seven blocks away.

Stern: Let me guess. You two have a lovers' spat?
Lois: Clark and I don't spat. There was no spatting.

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