Perry: Look, Lane... if for some reason I don't make it and you do...
Lois: Don't talk like that.
Perry: It's not pretty , but it has to be said. I think I deserve first position on the byline.

Lois: So, is this what it was like when you busted the Star City Strangler?
Perry: Did I do that?
Lois: Yeah.
Perry: In the '90s. Ah, those were my fuzzy-navel years. I've blacked out most of that decade.

Sometimes the hardest save to make isn't a stranger in a burning building, it's the person closest to you.


Perry: All right, you lovebirds. Tell us what it's like working together and dating.
Clark: It's never been better.
Lois: It's kind of like being on a chain gang with your ball and chain.

I've got to hand it to you, Mrs. K--running Senate subcommittees by day, cooking rockin' meals by night. You put the "M" in "modern woman." Me, I put the "T" in "takeout."


Clark: I'm sorry, Lois, I thought you were a...
Lois: Thief? If you can't recognize my butt in a pair of jeans, then what are you thinking about?

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