Sandwiching your superfriends into the same place as my dad's battalion is a recipe for disaster.


I won't even bother with the Chinese, because I'd just sound racist.


I think it's high time we got you a new disguise.


I feel like I can't believe you did this to my jacket.


You do not get to whoosh your way out of this one.


When I said earlier I wanted to spoon, this isn't what I had in mind.


Chloe: The last thing we want is for a billionaire superhero ex-fugitive to get caught kicking in the front door of a sex club.
Oliver: Yeah, not today anyway.

Lois: Microvision?
Clark: It's my power, I can call it whatever I want.

So what, you're just gonna put me through the seven deadly sins house of horror to try and convert me into one of your damned denizens?

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